Gasthaus - Pension Neuwirt in Sellrain

Our Restaurant

On request - our menus and specialties

On request? Yes, because our kitchen is not basically in operation every noon and evening. The reason for this is that the region is not flooded with mass tourism and therefore, especially in the off-season, guests may not come. All the more we welcome it when we can swing the wooden spoon for tourists, sportsmen on day trips and our pension guests. We offer snacks, Tyrolean specialties and delicacies of Austrian cuisine, where no wish remains unfulfilled.

Jause und Tiroler Spezialisten

Theme nights
and more

Of course, we have an open ear for events such as birthdays or baptisms, but also for evenings that take place under a certain theme. For this we are also happy to provide our food truck. You would like to book the food truck for a celebration at another location? Then it is best to call us so that we can discuss with you which delicacies should be offered.